CaltanissettaPosted February 5, 2013 by Admin

The Bed & Breakfast S. Elia is close to the city of Caltanissetta, at 568 m. over the sea on a hill, the highest peak is on the north S. Giuliano mount that looks over the river Salso valley. Caltanissetta's origin is ancient, but vague. As all this part of Sicily has been influenced by Gela and Agrigento.

Archaeological areas, like Sabucina, proof a "sicana" foundation. As all Sicily has been part of Arab, Norman and Spanish kingdom, monuments and traditions show all this cultures. We recommend to visit the city centre with Baroque churches and typical small streets, the medieval Santo Spirito's abbey e Pietrarossa's castle. Best time to visit Caltanissetta is during Holy week's celebrations, on Easter time. The all province is very interesting and fun to visit. For more information: